View from my balcony

Sighting hot air balloons isn’t too unusual in the area where I live. Seeing them while standing on my balcony though is, especially this close.


There were five of them and as it was already getting dark (these are from Friday evening) they were landing. They were close enough that I could see and hear the blue one opening their fire a few times to gain a bit of height until they came down in the field behind a few trees.


The bobble behind the trees is the blue balloon while landing.

I just love watching hot air balloons. For me there’s still something magical about them (same btw with Zeppelins). I recently started a ‘101 things to do in 1001 days’-list and flying with a zeppelin is on that list. Can’t make my mind up about a hot air balloon, mostly because of my weird issue with heights, where the height isn’t the problem but the firmness of the ground I’m standing on is.

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2 thoughts on “View from my balcony

  1. I love watching hot air balloons as well. They used to be very common in my area and often passed very low over my home. Nowadays, they are a bit rarer, as rising energy prices have made ballooning too expensive.

    A ride on the Zeppelin that is cruising over Lake Constance is also on my list of things to do some day. I think Lake Constance is the only place where you can still ride a Zeppelin, unless it’s possible to hitch a ride on one of those ad blimps. And if I had a time machine or the Doctor dropped by and invited me for a trip in the TARDIS, one of the things I want to do is booking a passage on the second to last journey of the Hindenburg to experience what it was like.

    • I’m always surprised by the number of hot air balloons that can be seen around here, especially in spring and autumn. I think in September I saw them several times which is really unusual.

      Hm, that time-travelling idea of your’s sounds like fun. In the Zepellin museum in Friedrichshafen they’ve rebuild parts of the Hindenburg so that one can get an idea of how the passengers lived during one of the trips. It was surprisingly spacious. If I ever decide to write Steampunk I woudl probably locate it at the Lake Constance and do something either with the Zeppelin- or the Dornier-family. Both names are still really big around the lake, at least in Friedrichshafen. Even Meersburg had a little Dornier-museum.

      Looks as if flying is possibe but also rather expensive:
      Wow, those prices are really, really steep, but I guess a Zeppelin isn’t exactly a cheap thing to keep.

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